Sunil G.K.

Senior Sales Engineer - Robotics, ABB Industries LLC

Top level customers (GMs & CEOs) visited and we were optimistic interacting with these decision makers. The speakers of the event were well organized.

Kirill Nikolaev

Managing Partner, VIMANA

Dubai is on the forefront of the ‘Smart City’ revolution and events like the Arab Future Cities Summit are critical if we are to achieve this ambitious goal. In terms of organization, I cannot be more pleased with the support we have received from the AFCSD team, prior to, during and post-event. I want to reiterate my thanks to the entire team for their outstanding work. Given that we are only just entering the Dubai market, the event itself was a really good experience for us from a branding and networking perspective. The Summit has raised a range of relevant and very important points, regarding smart cities of the future. There were a lot of interesting speakers and the good thing is that all of us got the opportunity to share our vision and expertise for smart cities of the future. Since VIMANA has a solution for such issue in the unmanned public transport, we consider participation useful and productive as it gave us an opportunity to be around like-minded people, dig deep into relevant issues and learn from each other.

Noura Nusairi

Head of Planning and Development Office, Dubai Municipality

The event was really good and well organized where I have gained a multitude of experiences. There were knowledgeable speakers who were also well experienced. The companies which were presenting their ideas was also good. The way they presented was good. Thank you.

Salwa Bayaty

Director, Dubai Properties Group

It was a very good summit. The topics were very relevant and speakers were well experienced with thoughtful ideas. The event was well organized.

Jagath Gunawardena

Senior Manager Projects, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

There were excellent presentations of the future world. I found very knowledgeable presenters. The venue was excellent. The services were also excellent. I will attend again next time.