Jayan Matthews

Senior Horticulturist, Cracknell Landscape Architecture

The event was properly organized. I’m only four sessions over so it’s early to put the comments but the concluded sessions were quite informative. There was useful information from the different company kiosks. Thanks and I would like to attend again in the future.

Simon Engelfried

Associate, Zeoplant

We were participating for the 4th time this year. As usual the summit was well organized, scheduled and carried out. We got new interesting contacts and we appreciate the visitors this year. So keep going. You are doing a great job.

Andre Van Heerden

Managing Partner, Cape Reed International

Yet another hugely successful summit for Cape Reed! The platform allowed for like minded industry professionals to network and share ideas and opportunities in a casual social environment.

Elena Lazareva

CEO, Ithara Group

It was a very well organized summit. So far this is one of the best events we have been participating for several years and we are happy with the result. All the best for the next events.

Jonathan Brown

Marketing Manager, Coopers Fire

Another well attended summit with a good mix of relevant delegates that Coopers Fire want to engage with. There was a greater number of exhibitors involved in the fire industry which was encouraging to see and I believe through discussions with delegates they too have an interest in fire safety in tall buildings. It was great to have returned again for a second year to the summit. The organization and planning has been fantastic with special thanks to the Expotrade staff.