Graham Cheetham

General Manager - Manufacturing, DUCAB

The summit provided an excellent forum to consider the emerging technologies and approaches relevant to advanced manufacturing as well as the Government led initiatives aimed at promoting a stronger manufacturing base in Dubai and the UAE. The points raised were extremely thought provoking and will definitely aid us in developing our manufacturing strategy within DUCAB.

Sunil G.K.

Senior Sales Engineer - Robotics, ABB Industries LLC

We appreciate the professionalism with which the event was conducted. The team was very supportive and had all the queries and information shared on time. The event had good turnout and visitors showed more interest in our new technologies which has been showcased. We thank the whole team of Expotrade for making this event fruitful for ABB.

Masoud Al Reyami

Senior Manager/Smart City and IOE Solutions, Etisalat

The summit is useful and information shared within was quite impressive. The arrangement was perfect.

Dan O’Brien

Director of Business Development, Averta

The conference was very informative and it painted the future of the smart Arab cities. We are excited about the potential partnerships that we can form to improve efficiency, safety, and innovation of our cities. We were able to network with some key decision makers which is extremely valuable to our company. Thank you to all.

Charles Tony

Regional Sales Manager, Talisen International

The show was very well organized and was successful in bringing in quality and relevant delegates and visitors.