Howard Tee

Product Manager, Hotbeam Pty Ltd

The Skyscrapers Summit was a fantastic event to meet those involved in all aspects of the design and construction of these marvellous structures. I was pleasantly surprised by the calibre of attendees and have made some great contacts to follow-up with. I would recommend this event to those wanting to supply or consult to this building group.

April Lightbody

Service Coordinator Australia, CoxGomyl Australia

Great range and quality of speakers and well organised event.

Riza Balbuena

Specification Representative, Rondo Building Services

The event is positive and the support, service provided is fantastic. The contacts and level of attendees are good to be in touch with. Thank you and look forward to working with you again.

David Venema

Marketing Manager, Data Signs Pty Ltd

The Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference, with the support of state and local government attracts a diversity of interested groups and is therefore a great opportunity for Data Signs to push our brand in the traffic management industry as the premier supplier of portable traffic management equipment including variable message signs and portable traffic lights.

Jayan Matthews

Senior Horticulturist, Cracknell Landscape Architecture

The event was properly organized. I’m only four sessions over so it’s early to put the comments but the concluded sessions were quite informative. There was useful information from the different company kiosks. Thanks and I would like to attend again in the future.