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Next week, the Technology in Construction Virtual Summit will explore the future of connected construction


With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to disrupt the way we work, it’s never been more pertinent to remain connected and prepared to pivot. The Technology in Construction Virtual Summit will bring the building community together via Zoom on the 25th of August for an opportunity to engage with the industry, learn about the new technologies within the space and discover ways to future-proof construction operations. Hear from professionals as they share how they’ve managed to keep their business afloat in unstable times and gain insights into the surprising opportunities that have arisen from such a harrowing situation.

Simon Vaux, CEO of Deos Digital, will open the event with a look into digital engineering practices and smart infrastructure. Simon will share insights into the concept of digitization and how it is supporting economic success and sustainability within the construction sector. Following this, we will hear from a panel as they discuss the role of BIM and AI in the construction sector. Panellists include Dominic Martens, Design Technology Leader at Silver Thomas Hanley (STH)Ken Lee, Group BIM Manager – Digital Engineering at Robert Bird Group and Polina Hadjimitova, Founder/BIM Manager at Bimmetry.

Deepak Maini is the National Technical Manager at Cadgroup Australia and will close out the morning with a presentation on automated clash detection and its ability to foster a lean construction model with minimal waste. After a break, we will hear from Founder and CEO of Hover UAV, Jackie Dujmovic. Jackie will discuss the increasingly large role that drone technology plays in the world of construction and how it can future-proof operations.

David Francis, CEO & Co-Founder of Virtual Method, will follow with a look into the exciting world of augmented and virtual reality. From safety training to customer experience, David will discuss the various applications of the technology within the construction sector. We’ll then hear from Genéne Kleppe, CEO & Founder of Digital Twinning Australia as she explores the ways in which digital twin technology can improve efficiency, manage risks and streamline operations on construction projects.

Off the back of this, Joyce Ferng, the Associate Director – ANZ Modular Lead at AECOM, will speak on prefabrication and how to increase affordability, productivity and quality.

Rounding out the summit, a panel discussion featuring Aaron Belbasis, Futures Technology Leader at Aurecon and Jeremy Harkins, Director at ineni Realtime will delve into the desperate need for resilience within the industry and how digital transformation is the way towards a thriving, prepared and adaptable construction sector.

On the 25th of August from 11am to 3pm AEST, the Technology in Construction Virtual Summit will offer valuable insights and provoke important discussions around the emerging technologies driving a future-proof construction sector.

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